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My echocardiogram was one of my quickest and easiest trips to my Oncologist. In total, I spent 51 minutes at the oncologist that day (check in to check out). As with many parts of cancer treatment, this is probably a bit more uncomfortable for females. I had to take my shirt off and lay on a bed. They hooked up electrodes to my chest. They then put gel on my chest (I was waiting for the shock of the cold gel, but it was nice and warm). Much like an ultrasound, the gel helps sound waves emitted by a transducer reach your heart. A transducer is a wand the sonographer uses to capture images of your heart. A handful of times, the sonographer asked me to hold my breath. Although it was probably not more than 15 seconds at a time, a couple of these were tough. The next day, I was scheduled for one of the longer diagnostic/imaging days at the oncologist as they completed a chest x-ray, MRI, and PET Scan.