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Initial Diagnosis


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My initial diagnosis of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma came by way of phone around 5:30 PM the evening of March 18 (just 5 days after my initial Dr. visit). My ENT Dr. called and gave me the news that the fine needle biopsy indicated lymphoma and perhaps even “Burkitt” lymphoma. I didn’t know a lot about Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or Burkitt lymphoma at the time, but would come to learn much more. I’ll cover some of what I learned in future posts for those interested in more detail. What I had read was that Non-Hodgkin lymphoma was more common, but Hodgkin lymphoma was more common in the younger age groups. I also knew that Hodgkin’s was one of the most treatable cancers. I remember feeling an initial disappointment to learn that not only did I have cancer, but it was “Non-Hodgkin’s”. I was too young for Non-Hodgkin’s right (median age 69.1 vs. my age 39)? In reality and hindsight, I recognize that both come with lots of variables and treatment and prognosis will vary depending upon each situation. The rest of that evening was a bit of a blur. I remember my wife was cooking dinner in the kitchen and I immediately got off the phone and broke the news to her. In the coming days, I’d have to break the news to my parents and boss, but first, I needed to meet with my oncologist. Wait, I need an Oncologist?